Miron Violet Glass

MIRON Violetglass is a unique biophotonic glass packaging for natural products. Its unique properties protect products from the harmful effects of light, increase their shelf life, and protect and revitalize their potency. Suitable for a wide range of natural products.

Miron Violetglass’ entire line of containers and closures are European in origin. The Violetglass is manufactured in two highly specialized European production facilities, both having a centuries-old tradition of glass blowing. Knowledge gleaned from generations of glass production is now combined with modern, efficient production techniques. Miron violetglass is currently exported to over 50 countries worldwide. Thousands of companies pack their natural cosmetics, essential oils, homeopathic, medications, flower essences, vitamins, superfoods, teas, spices, honey, oils, water, and many other products in Miron violetglass. Miron is proud to serve both innovative startups with new creations, as well as established companies ready to upgrade their packaging solution. Since 2016, Miron operates its own logistics center in Hoogeveen, The Netherlands. All products are shipped directly to the customers from there, with the exception of the North American and Australian markets, where distributors serve the customers directly.

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