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We offer high grade, long-lasting, smell-proof, and high storage bags, humidiccants, jars, and Containers. Our Storage solution has 2-way humidity control keeping your Dry herbs/Smoke be fresh and bags are reusable.

We sell products from branded companies like Boveda, Ryot, Integra, Avert, Stash Jar, Miron, CVault, and Revelry.

The special protective qualities of genuine Miron violet glass containers can be traced back to the heyday of the ancient Egyptian civilization when valuable essences and healing natural products were kept in gold and violet glass containers. Still, viable seeds have been found stored in this way in ancient tombs throughout the region.

MyPharmJar makes the best storage and curing jars featuring patent pending humidity and temperature sensors. Mypharmjar Glass protects valuable products from all damaging light rays/frequencies, it's like storing your item in a vault that protects against degradation over time. Industries first embedded Humidity/Temperature Sensor to create your own “Glass humidor”. Humidity can be controlled by removing the lid or injecting humidity Unmatched transmission curves, and no other glass can protect as well.

We, at Vapexperts, sell products of My Pharm Jar like Lid Only w/Built in Hygrometer.

The NoGoo 420 Dab Station is made entirely of 100% Platinum cured Silicone and can house two concentrate containers, a dabbing tool, or anything else that needs holding! Great for keeping your oil, dabber and carb cap in place.

If you love to vape your concentrates but hate the sticky mess that can result, look no further than NoGoo. The 100% Platinum cured Silicone surface will not allow anything to stick, keeping your concentrates right where you want them! Conserve your stuff and limit mess - it's a win/win.
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