Storz and Bickel Parts & Accessories

Vapexperts offers a wide range of replacement parts and accessories for the Storz and Bickel line of vaporizers. From the iconic Volcano to the portable Crafty, Mighty and Mighty+, we have all the parts you need to keep your Storz and Bickel device running at peak performance for years. We stock replacement screens, bags, valves and hoses for the Volcano, and replacement o-rings, chargers, mouthpieces and cooling units for the portable units.

For the Volcano Classic and Digital, we offer replacement Easy Valve screens, easy valve silicone bags, valve mouthpieces and fill chamber lids. For the Volcano Hybrid, we stock hybrid easy valve silicone bags, glass easy valves and easy valve screens. For portable units like the Mighty and Crafty, we carry replacement cooling units, mouthpiece screens, o-rings and mouthpieces. We also offer charging stands, aroma dishes and all-glass stems to customize your experience.

Our extensive inventory of Storz and Bickel parts and accessories ensures you have what you need to optimize the functionality of your vaporizer. From straightforward replacement parts to custom accessories, we stock components for all Storz and Bickel models including the Volcano Classic, Digital, Hybrid and Easy Valve, as well as Mighty, Crafty, Plenty and Venty vaporizers.
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