Vapexperts carries a wide range of humidiccant options to choose from.

Boveda humidity control packs are an ideal solution for rehydrating your plant material or tobacco, helping to cure it at the perfect 62% or 55% relative humidity level. The Integra Boost packs also provide precise humidity control and are available in multiple sizes from 4g up to 320g packs.

Humidicants like these are essential for properly curing your crops to enhance flavour and aroma, extending their freshness and ensuring a smooth smoke. The small, lightweight packs can be placed inside any storage container to maintain optimal humidity for your herbs or blends. They work passively without the need for batteries or power, and will not oversaturate or get your items wet.

Our selection includes Boveda and Integra packs in a variety of gram weights from as low as 4 grams up to 320 grams. We offer both 62% and 55% relative humidity options to suit your humidity control needs. So whether you need humidiccant packs for rehydrating dried tobacco, curing your cannabis crop, or extending the freshness of your herbal blends, we have the precision humidity control solution that will work for you.

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