VapExperts offers the highest quality Integra Boost humidity packs to help maintain an optimal humidity level for your herbs. Integra Boost humidity control packs are designed to keep the humidity inside your storage container at a steady 55% or 62% relative humidity, protecting the freshness, aroma and potency of your herbs.

These precision-engineered humidity packs utilize phase change material technology to absorb and release moisture at a controlled rate. The Integra Boost humidity packs offer consistent humidity control, helping to preserve the terpenes and cannabinoids in your herbs that degrade rapidly when exposed to dry air.

The Integra Boost humidity packs are simple and easy to use. Simply activate the pack by squeezing and place the activated pack inside your herb storage container. The pack will slowly release moisture to maintain the optimal humidity level of either 55% or 62% relative humidity. When the pack becomes dry, simply reactivate it with a few drops of water to reuse.

If you want to ensure your herbs stay fresh and potent for as long as possible, Integra Boost humidity packs from VapExperts are an essential solution. Shop online today with VapExperts to order your Integra Boost humidity packs and maintain the ideal humidity for your herb storage needs.
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