Control the humidity of your stored goods with Boveda humidity packs. Boveda uses patented two-way humidity control technology to help maintain ideal humidity levels for many products. Whether you grow, store or ship medical cannabis, tobacco, coffee, spices, tea, wood or musical instruments, Boveda humidity packs can help. The small sachets use 100% natural ingredients and no chemical additives to adsorb or release moisture as needed. By absorbing excess moisture from the air, Boveda humidity packs can help prevent mould, mildew and dryness in stored products.

We carry the complete line of Boveda humidity control packs. The 62% Boveda packs are ideal for medical cannabis storage, helping maintain proper humidity for ideal curing and long-term storage. The 55% packs work well for tobacco and wood products. The packs are rechargeable and reusable, simply recondition them in water to refresh.

If you need precision humidity control for your stored goods, look no further than Boveda humidity packs. Their natural two-way humidity regulation and wide range of sizes and percentages make them a versatile and effective option. Give your stored products the ideal humidity they need to stay fresh and preserve quality with Boveda.

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