Avert Smell Proof Bags

Vapexperts offers a wide selection of odour-proof bags from Avert to keep your dry herbs and devices fresh and smell-free.

The Avert Pocket Bag provides on-the-go, smell-proof storage in a compact size that easily fits in your pocket or purse. The Avert Backpack Travel Bag features a smell-proof main compartment with a zippered front pocket and organizer pockets inside to discreetly carry your dry herb supplies and vaporizers while travelling. The Avert Waist Bag offers convenient carrying and discreet storage around your waist or over your shoulder in a portable size. The Avert Backpack Insert is perfect for easily transforming your backpack into a discreet and odour-free storage solution. The Avert Backpack - 25L is a purpose-built backpack with a designated smell-proof compartment for storing and transporting your devices and supplies.

For longer trips, the Avert Large Duffle Bag & Extra Large Duffle Bags are ideal for storing bulk amounts of dry herbs, vaporizers and other accessories while eliminating all traces of odour.

Vapexperts' comprehensive line of Avert smell-proof bags provides discreet, effective odour control for any dry herb storage need.
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